This house was originally designed by Emil Niggli & Barton D. Riley in 1957 on the winding road of Balcones Drive in Highland Hills. The owners are mid-century enthusiasts and supporters of preservation; with this project they have become good examples for a neighborhood that is experiencing an unsettling trend of mid-century house demolitions. Our design was a complete renovation of the kitchen, new wall finishes in the living and dining areas, updated master bath, and a new desk nook in place of an existing utility room. 

Since the owner is a preeminent plaster contractor with national recognition, and his crew applied Venetian plaster to the hall and ceiling and Stuc Pierre plaster to the walls and fireplace. Vintage Material Supply coordinated production of the teak veneered cabinetry and paneled walls.


Over time, we’ve evolved the use of space - as we had a child, bought actual furniture, experimented with color, learned to garden, hosted friends and family, said goodbye to a cat, and just generally became more like adults. Now, this ‘project’ feels like the one and only home that we cannot imagine leaving.