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'Metal is the new wood' in this addition that reinterprets the original house built in 1930. The challenge of this addition was to double the size of the house without overwhelming the scale of the original structure. 

The solution was to create a new version of the original form that maintains the same roof profiles. The geometry of the new structure is revealed with vaulted ceilings in the addition and a skeletal structure on the back terrace.

The original house was renovated down to the studs, including a new design for the front porch and a restoration of the original siding. The interiors consist of high-quality finishes with clean lines. A large storage wall clad in white oak 1x8 siding runs through the house, serving to 'stitch' together old and new, while separating the bedrooms from the kitchen and dining areas. The house is built for wheelchair accessibility to visitors and includes an earthen ramp to a side entrance.

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