After completing our Stenger ‘56 project, we were engaged to renovate this more modest residence across the street. Built in 1955, characterized by its low-slung roof, brick exterior and pitched ceilings, this house had not been renovated or maintained in its sixty years. The deed restrictions limited any expansion to one-story, but this restriction has allowed the live oak canopy in the area to flourish with expansive and dappled shade.

The project transformed the house and huge open property into a luxe ‘ranchito’ just a few miles from our State Capitol. The goal of the renovation was to create greater openness, comfort and daylight for the interior. In our close collaboration with Mark Ashby Design, a fully furnished project was delivered ‘down to the dishes.’ We all agreed that home should be a warm and inspiring place for friends and family. 

One small addition to the house that the owner requested was a room inspired by an orangerie; a freestanding tub with a view to the wide open lawn of the backyard. 

Whit Preston Photography
photo by Rick & Cindy Black Architects

photo by Rick & Cindy Black Architects


Photography by Clay Grier