Everything isn’t always bigger in Texas - especially homes in Austin. With the cost of living going up, homeowners are downsizing... but living small doesn’t have to mean living uncomfortably. Every inch of the home, which the Blacks designed, has been thoughtfully planned in order to get the most out of the square footage they have.
— Austin Monthly Home
Rick and Cindy Living Small 5.jpg
‘Pear-green cabinetry and an adorable seating area helped brighten this outdated space. Subtle details, from the corner window to the extra-large subway tile, play with the size and scale of the petite kitchen. Custom white oak countertops add necessary warmth.’
— Houzz
Giant heritage live oaks are Austin’s defining feature and help make the case for preservation. Transformative renovation projects reflect thoughtful solutions and a thorough, inclusive design process.

We work on houses of all shapes and sizes, and have designed several hundred residential projects together over the past eighteen years. This depth of experience with domestic design allows us to offer expertise in how to best achieve your goals.